MoCo™ SMS Suite Professional Edition is a 4-in-1 Business IT solution with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Accounts System (with invoice printing), SMS Marketing and SMS Appointment Reminder features.

It is specially designed for business owners or marketing/advertising experts who are looking for an affordable all-in-one Business IT solutions. MoCo™ Professional Edition has everything you need to perform your SMS Marketing and advertising campaigns, while managing your customers' relations, accounts and appointments at the same time.

MoCo Professional allows you to develop comprehensive and innovative 2-way SMS marketing strategies. The built-in Automated Response System analyzes incoming sms and perform relevant actions on your behalf. The Campaign Manager allows you to create unlimited SMS surveys to engage your customers and find out more about your customers' preferences. The eVoucher on-demand system allows your customers to claim limited-time electronic vouchers via SMS. The built-in Accounts System allows you to manage your accounts, print invoices and generate Accounts Sheet.

The calendar-based Appointment Book is a unique SMS Reminder System with automated SMS appointment comfirmation and cancellation features. The SMS Reminder System makes MoCo Professional extremely attractive for schools, educational centres, event companies, clubs, societies and organizations who want to use SMS to communicate and send SMS reminders to their members.

The entire package includes the MoCo™ SMS Suite Professional Edition software and a USB GSM/GPRS modem.

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Quick Start

See the following short video for a quick start to using MoCo SMS Suite to send SMS:

For more information on how to use MoCo SMS Suite to enhance customer management, see our SMS Marketing Guide and download our MoCo User Manual.

SMS Rates

Our rates for sending SMS to Singapore numbers is S$0.04 per SMS.

Product Features

Address Book Management
  • Group-based Address Book Management System allows you to efficiently manage and categorize your customers database
  • Flexible Import/Export capabilities to allow seamless integration with your existing customer databases
  • Powerful search engine that allows you to search your customer database according to their gender, date of birth, customer category, race, and other information

  • Send customized sms reminder to your customers through our powerful Real-time Scheduler
  • Best used for sending daily/weekly meeting sms reminders
  • Built-in calendar allows you to view your scheduled activities

Template Editor
  • Customize unlimited SMS message templates via our built-in Template Editor
  • Create personalized SMS message using our Dynamic Message Tags and Address Book Tags

Transaction Manager
  • User-friendly Transaction Manager that enables you to easily track all incoming and outgoing SMS
  • Generate customized reports for all incoming/outgoing SMS traffic
  • Monitor traffic via our Real-time traffic monitor

Accounts System
  • Built-in Accounts System helps you keep track of all your business transactions
  • Print invoices with customized letterheads and generate reports of your accounts

Targeted SMS Marketing
  • Conduct effective direct sms marketing campaign via targeted advertising. Select your SMS recipients according to their gender, date of birth, race, or other information

Event Manager
  • Send automated SMS greetings upon events such as birthday, anniversary, etc
  • Send automated SMS greetings upon festival such as New Year, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc
  • Personalized your automated sms greetings to better manage your customer relationships

Campaign Manager
  • Conduct unlimited SMS Voting / Survey / Contest
  • Flexible sms voting criteria: Option to ignore duplicated votes, preset total votes allowed per mobile number, etc
  • Graphical presentations of sms campaign results allows you better understanding of your customers'needs
  • Report Generation of sms campaign results in HTML and MS Excel formats allows you to document the results for further actions

eVoucher On-demand System
  • Create limited-time, limited-quantity eVouchers for your customers and/or prospects to claim via sms
  • Fully customizable and flexible electronic vouchers allows you to develop different marketing strategies

Automatic Response System
  • Intelligent Automatic Response System that can perform tasks according to incoming SMS:
    • Send automatic replies
    • Perform SMS Forwarding
    • Invoke External Application
    • Remotely logoff / restart / shutdown PC
    • Appointment Confirmation / Cancellation
    • Save incoming SMS into text documents
    • SMS subscription / unsubscription
    • Register customer into MoCo Address Book
    • Retrieve information from MS Excel file
    • Insert information into MS Excel file
    • Claim an eVoucher
  • Comprehensive analysis of incoming sms according to sender conditions and message patterns.
  • Ability to trigger multiple actions via one incoming sms

Appointment Book
  • MS Outlook-like calendar allows you to better manage your schedule and sms appointment reminders
  • Fully automated appointment confirmation or cancellation system
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly view available
  • View / print appointment history
  • Import Appointment list from your existing system
  • Statistically analyze response rate of each appointment/event and generate reports in HTML

  • Send SMS in your own Brand Name via our Internet SMS Gateway
  • Support multi-language SMS
  • Support long concatenated sms
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Customizable solutions to suit your business purposes
  • Support Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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