Are you looking for an affordable yet customized CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution? Are you looking for customized software solution to improve productivity for industrial or commercial sectors? Are you looking for a customized web-based solution with features that cannot be found in all those off-the-shelf packages? If any of the answers is yes, we can help you.

At Lexel Technologies Pte Ltd, we strived to provide reliable and affordable business IT solutions and consultancy services to our valued customers. We believed in utilizing customized software in business solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness in business processes. With the Singapore PIC Scheme, you can get 60% cash payouts over the cost of customized software or web solution.

Our team comprises of system analysts and developers who are customer-oriented and experienced in providing user-friendly business software solutions. We aim to provide business software solutions that are comprehensive yet easy-to-use. Our business managers will analyze your business needs and offer adequate business software solutions that will bring your business to a higher level.

How this works:

  • Contact us for advices on how to implement a software system to solve your current problem.
  • We provide consultancy on how to implement a customized software tailored to your needs, absolutely free.
  • If you like our proposed implementation, we will send a quotation over.
  • If you need more clarification, we can arrange for a meeting.
  • We can even do up a prototype or mockup system to demonstrate our proposed system.

Why Us?

  • We are a young and dynamic company, which also means we are fast and highly-motivated too.
  • Our team has vast experiences in designing, developing and deploying software solutions in commercial, educational and even military sectors.
  • Consultancy is free. If you don't like our proposed design, you are free to find other options
  • Our clients include Singapore Press Holdings, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Technologies, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD), and many others.
  • We offer very competitive solutions, in both quality and prices.
  • We handle all government claims (such as PIC and ICV) for you, free of charge.

Contact us now and we shall device a suitable software solution for you.

Our Past Projects

Project for Singapore Press Holdings

In this project, we created an Service Ratings Survey system that integrate with Singapore Press Holding's call centre. Callers are randomly selected (under the criteria of some user-configurable settings) to receive an SMS requesting them to rate the service of the call centre operators.

The incoming SMS ratings survey are tabulated according to their group and individual agents, and reports are generated in the form of HTML and Microsoft Excel files.

Language/Technologies: Visual C++, MFC, Oracle database, GSM AT commands.

Project for Shinetown Telecom

In this project, we created the backend system that interprete incoming SMS and perform operations on their backend databases.

We also developed an automated softbill system with automated FTP retrieval, and successfully integrated HTTP SMS gateway with our system.

Language/Technologies: Visual C++, MFC, Oracle database, mySQL database, GSM AT commands, SMTP, FTP, USSD.

Project DataLink

In this project, we developed and enhanced a military DataLink simulation software for a military simulation company.

Language/Technologies: Visual C++, MFC, OpenGL, GLUT, Datalink.

Project Mission Planning Prototype

In this project, we developed Mission Planning prototype software for a military simulation company.

Language/Technologies: Visual C++, MFC, Microsoft Access.


In this project, we developed a website with pet directory that allows automated link submission.

Language/Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL database.

Project CarZfriend

In this project, we developed a HTML website for a local car insurance company with a PHP form that saves and send data in CSV format.

Language/Technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL database.

Project KK Hospital

In this project, we developed a web-based Management Sytem for the Junior Club of KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

The management system includes membership management, in-house library management, activity management, report generation, chart generation and access control with Active Directory.

Language/Technologies: HTML, CSS, ASP.Net, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, Active Directory.