Thinking of having a LIVE SMS Voting, Contest or Survey session? We provide everything you need at a very low cost!

A Live SMS Voting session is a live event whereby your target audience can sms their votes to a designated number, with the result being tabulated at real-time and displayed out live. A Live SMS Voting session is an excellent way of engaging your target audience and thus enhancing your brand.

What we provide:

  • A laptop loaded with MoCo SMS Suite, configured to satisfy your requirements.
  • A mobile number to which your target audience can send their sms.
  • A technical personnel to setup and manage the system throughout the whole event.
What you can get during or at the end of the event:

  • Live SMS Voting/Contest/Survey results in graphical form (Eg. Bar chart).
  • Campaign Reports in MS Excel and HTML formats.
  • You can opt for our system to send automated replies upon incoming sms.
  • Valuable audience feedback and engagement.
  • Enhancement to your Brand Name.
Our Strengths:

  • Our SMS Voting System is extremely flexible and customizable to your specific needs.
  • You can choose to ignore duplicated votes, limit number of votes per mobile number or take into account only the latest vote.
  • Real-time tabulation of votes. You can see the voting result changing constantly.

Contact us now for any Live SMS Voting services you desired and we shall device a suitable package for you.