Which to create: Facebook profile, group or page?

Facebook is one of, if not the most, popular social media platform in the world. Apart from connecting with your friends, many businesses are using Facebook as a platform for connecting with their customers.

However, some people are confused about the various options offered by Facebook, namely Facebook Profile, Facebook Group and Facebook Page. In this article, I shall talk about the differences between these options and recommend how to use them for your business.


Facebook Profile:

The Facebook Profile is your personal Facebook account. This is the main account which you use to login to Facebook.

Facebk profile

What you can do with it?

• Share status updates, photos, videos and links
• Add friends
• Post comments
• ‘Like’ Facebook pages
• Join Facebook groups


• Use Facebook profile for your social networking purpose.
• Use your Real name as the profile name
• You can add personal friends and business associates as your friends. You may want to group them into different “Friend List” so that you can decide certain posts are too “personal” to show to your business associates and customers.
• The maximum number of friends you can add is 5000. Thus, manage your friend list carefully. Those friend requests that you do not approve will become your “followers”.


Facebook Page:

The Facebook Page is a special profile for your company, product or brand. People can “like” your Facebook page and become the “fans” of your page.

Facebk page

What you can do with it?

• Promote your products, company or brands.
• Post announcements regarding your business
• Engage your customers or fans
• Share photos, videos or links about your brands
• Share photos, videos or links which your fans are interested in
• Post offerings
• Get people to sign up for your newsletter


• Use Facebook page for your professional purpose.
• Get 25 fans as soon as possible so that you can set a customized web address for your Facebook page.
• Provide links to your Facebook page inside your company website.
• Share contents which your target audience is interested in, regularly.
• Respond to comments or complaints on the Page as fast as possible. At least, let them know that their complaints are being heard and processed.
• Do not quarrel or make it personal in the page comments. Be professional and polite.


Facebook Group:

Facebook groups are meant for managing a community and facilitating sharing among members of the community. Groups can be public, closed or secret.

Facebook group

What you can do with it?

• Message all your group members
• Share posts, photos, videos and links
• Ask questions and add polls options
• Upload files for sharing
• Create events for group members


• Use Facebook group to create or participate with a wider community from which your brand’s target audience is a subset.
• Facebook group is the only place where you can create polls. Use it effectively to survey your community.
• Share contents which your target audience is interested in, regularly.
• You can also create secret group for your internal team’s interactions.

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