Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Technical Solutions Package

Are you running a Singapore Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and are thinking of leveraging the power of Information Technology (IT) to increase your sales and productivity? Look no further. We offer you a hassle-free all-in-one SME Technical Solutions package to help you improve your productivity, increase your customer base and enhance your customers’ experience.

Package Overview

Our SME Technical Solutions Package is specially designed for Singapore SMEs to help them :

• MANAGE their Customer/Member Database
• INFORM their Customer/Member of upcoming promotions
• ENGAGE their Customer/Member by sending special birthday greetings SMS, hosting SMS surveys/contests, claiming SMS eVouchers, etc
• HANDLE their business operations by managing Accounts and printing invoices
• ENHANCE their branding with better customer relationship management

SME Technical Solutions Package

Our SME Technical Solutions Package is claimable using PIC and/or ICV, and our partner Chartered Accountant will help you handle all the PIC and ICV claims, submissions and documentations.

The following slides shows the details of our SME Technical Solutions Package:

How MoCo SMS Suite complies to DNC (Do Not Call) Registry

Overview of DNC (Do Not Call) Registry

Starting from 2 January 2014, the Do Not Call (DNC) provisions under the Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA) generally prohibits organizations from sending certain marketing messages (in the form of voice calls, text or fax messages) to Singapore telephone numbers, including mobile, fixed-line, residential and business numbers, registered with the DNC Registry.

Organizations sending marketing messages to Singapore telephone numbers will need to:

• Check with the DNC Registry, unless you have the recipients’ clear and unambiguous consent in written or other accessible form for sending the marketing message to the Singapore telephone number.

Your organization may also send a text or fax message (but not voice call) on similar or related products, services and memberships to individuals with whom you have an ongoing commercial or member relationship, without the need to check the DNC Registry. In your message, you are required to provide information on how individuals can opt out of such messages using the same medium by which the message is sent. Upon receiving an individual’s opt-out request, you may no longer rely on the exemption and must stop sending such messages to that individual 30 days after the opt-out. Please refer to the Personal Data Protection (Exemption from Section 43) Order 2013 for more information.

• If your organization is sending a text or fax message, include clear and accurate information identifying your organization as well as contact details within the message. This allows the recipient to contact you for clarifications, if necessary.

The DNC Registry, however, does not cover messages sent for other purposes, such as service calls or reminder messages sent by organizations to render services bought by the individual. Messages for pure market survey or research and those that promote charitable or religious causes are also not covered under the DNC provisions.

Telemarketing calls or messages of a commercial nature that target businesses are also excluded from the DNC Registry rules.

For more information on the Personal Data Protection Act, please visit the Personal Data Protection Commission FAQ.


How to use MoCo SMS Suite to comply with DNC Registry

  • Export the mobile numbers which you need to check

Using MoCo SMS Suite, you can export out the mobile numbers which you need to check into a CSV (Comma-separated-values) file that complies to the DNC Registry accepted format. The following video shows you how to do it:

  • Upload the exported csv file to DNC Registry

Upload the CSV file exported in step 1 to the DNC Registry (click on link above). You must login first using your Singpass.

  • Wait for DNC Registry to email you the results

The PDPC will email you the results in CSV format.

  • Import the result into MoCo SMS Suite

After you received the DNC check results, you can import the result CSV file into MoCo SMS Suite. MoCo SMS Suite will analyze the result file and update the “SMS Subscription” status of the contacts inside it’s Address Book accordingly. Those contacts that have registered with the DNC Registry and indicated that they do not wish to receive SMS will have their “SMS Subscription” status set to “No”. The following video shows you how to import the DNC result into MoCo SMS Suite:

Case Study: Using MoCo SMS Suite in Dental Clinics

We will illustrate how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in various sectors by using different real-life case studies. In this article, we will show you how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in the Dental industry. The dental clinic’s name in this article is not the actual name.


Angel Dental Clinic has an existing Clinic Management System (CMS) that was used for many years. Recently, they wished to upgrade their computer system but their existing CMS wasn’t able to run on the new operating system.

Thus, the dental clinic decided to procure a new Clinic Management System that offers more features than their existing one. The new Clinic Management System should have the following features:

1. Patient Registration System and Printing of Patient labels
2. Perform 6-monthly patient recall via SMS
3. Perform Appointment reminder via SMS
4. Accounts System and Invoice Printing
5. Management of Medical and X-Ray records

Our Solutions:

We recommended Angel Dental Clinic to use our MoCo SMS Suite Pro Dental Edition. The system was deployed on the computer at the counter.

1. Patient Registration System & Printing of Patient Labels


moco case study dental1

Our MoCo Address Book will be used for Patient Registration. Once a patient is added into the Address Book, the staff can use MoCo to print out patient labels.


2. Perform 6-monthly patient recalls via SMS

Angel Dental Clinic used to mail out post cards for 6-monthly patient recalls. They wished to switch to using SMS because it is much cheaper and more effective than sending out postcards. Moreover, sending out patient recalls via SMS also makes less work for the staffs.

MoCo is able to retrieve out patients that are due for recall, and then send out sms to them:

moco case study dental2

3. Perform Appointment reminder via SMS

Angel Dental Clinic used to remind their patients for appointments via phone calls. But this method of reminder was time-consuming and often not effective as sometimes the patients were in meeting and unable to take calls. MoCo has a built-in Appointment Book which can be used for tracking appointments and sending SMS reminders:

moco case study dental3

4. Accounts System & Invoice Printing

MoCo has a built-in Accounts System to track accounts, print invoices and generate accounts sheets:

Accounts System for Dental

5. Management of Medical and X-Ray records

MoCo has a built-in Medical & X-ray records management system for the clinic to keep track of their medicine records:

Med System

MoCo SMS Suite Pro Dental edition was successfully installed onto the clinic’s computer and is integral to the daily operations of the clinic.


Case Study: Using MoCo SMS Suite in Real Estate

We will illustrate how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in various sectors by using different real-life case studies. In this article, we will show you how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in the Real Estate industry. The Real Estate company name in this article is not the actual name.


Grand Realty Group is one of the largest real estate company in Singapore. It has over thousands of property agents registered with them.

The management of Grand Realty Group wanted to provide a SMS query service for their agents:

1. An SMS machine will be installed at their main office. The admin staff will update an Excel file on that machine with the latest valuation prices of flats according to their districts and room type.
2. All registered agents can send in sms to the SMS machine, querying the valuation prices of HDB flats of particular district and room type.
3. The SMS machine, upon receiving the sms query, will retrieve the information from the Excel file and reply to the agents.

Our Solutions:

We installed our MoCo SMS Suite Professional edition onto one of the computer at the company’s main office. Their admin staff created and maintained a Microsoft Excel file that looks something like the screenshot below:

moco case study for realestate1

Then, we created a rule at the Auto Response System of their MoCo SMS Suite:

moco case study for realestate2

The rule will tell the MoCo system, upon receiving an incoming SMS that begins with the word “HDB”, to retrieve information from an Excel file and then send it back to the sender of the query sms.

The system will match column A and B of the Excel file with the 2nd and 3rd word of the incoming sms, and then retrieve the relevant information.

For example, an agent can send in an sms “HDB 2 3R” to the system. According to the Excel file above, the system will reply the agent with an sms : “Price: 125K – 200K; Valuation: 200K – 250K”.

The system proved to be very useful to the agents and thus MoCo SMS Suite has again provided an excellent value-added service to our customers.

Case Study: Using MoCo SMS Suite in Temple

We will illustrate how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in various sectors by using different real-life case studies. In this article, we will show you how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in a temple. The temple’s name in this article is not the actual name.


Golden Temple is a grand buddhism temple with a lot of devotees. The temple’s management decided to computerize their operations in order to have better engagement with the younger generations.

The management decided to have a member management system that can perform the following tasks:
1. Disseminate information in Chinese and English SMS to its devotees
2. Handles queries/feedbacks from devotees
3. Invite devotees for events via sms and tracks the attendance rate

Our Solutions:

We recommended MoCo SMS Suite Professional edition to the management of the temple. Their existing database was imported from Microsoft Excel file into MoCo’s Address Book.

Since MoCo supports multi-language sms, their problem 1 is easily resolved using MoCo.

All incoming sms that begins with the word “Feedback” will all be consolidated inside a folder. Devotees were informed about the new feedback system on their website and on notices inside the temple.

Everyday, the temple’s executive will check the Transaction Manager page of MoCo SMS Suite to see if there are any queries and reply accordingly. Below is a screen capture of the Transaction Manager page of MoCo SMS Suite:
moco case study for temple
For problem 3, we suggested the temple executive to make use of MoCo’s Appointment Book to schedule their events.

moco case study for temple2

In the above figure, the executive created an appointment inside the MoCo Appointment Book to invite devotees to attend their Vesak Day celebration. The first sms was sent out 14 days prior to the event. Devotees were asked to confirm their attendance via sms. One day before the event, an sms reminder would be sent out to those devotees who confirm their attendances.

The devotees’ responses were logged down by MoCo and tabulated as shown in the figure below:

moco case study for temple3

The temple’s management feedback that MoCo SMS Suite has improved their interactions with their devotees and most devotees were happy that the temple has kept up with the technology to engage the younger generations.

Live SMS Voting at SUTD

Two days ago, we had a LIVE SMS Voting session at Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD). SUTD is a very new and dynamic university in Singapore. They are conducting a LIVE SMS voting among their Design class students to vote for the best project.

SUTD Live SMS Voting 1

SUTD Live SMS Voting 2

Eligible voters (the students of the subject) are supposed to send in SMS in the format “SUTD<space><project1><space><project2><space><project3>”, whereby <projectX> is the project number of those projects that you want to vote for. So in this case, each voters can vote for a maximum of three projects. Each voter can send in any number of sms, but only the latest sms for each mobile number is taken into account.

SUTD Live SMS Voting 3

The sms voting result was displayed during the session on a projector screen so that the students and guests could see the “race” happening in real-time. The students were very enthusiastic and the live sms voting certainly added an extra dose of excitement to the competition. The seven project groups shortlisted for the competition gave their demo and presentations, and our support staff was quite impressed by the liveliness, creativity and enthusiasm displayed by these young students.

We were secretly rooting for the “angry bird” project group: they were devising a way of calculating the projectile of the angry bird to guarantee a hit on the green pigs. Unfortunately, we are vendor not students so we did not have the privilege to vote. We heard later that the angry bird group got the bronze prize, so congratulation to them.

The event was a great success and we wished that the students of SUTD would continue to live their dreams and have a bright future!

For more information on our Live SMS voting / polling service, please visit our company website.