Case Study: Using MoCo SMS Suite in Retailers

We will illustrate how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in various sectors by using different real-life case studies. In this article, we will show you how MoCo SMS Suite can help in retailer operations. The retailer name in this article is not the actual name.


Zen Fashion is a new but well-known local fashion boutique. It has four branches around the town area and it has over thousands of regular customers and fans.

Zen Fashion wish to have a system that can help them in the following tasks:
1. A membership system such as members are rewarded for referral of new members.
2. The system should also act as a marketing tool to inform their members of the latest promotions.
3. The system should be able to enhance their customer relationship management (CRM).

Our Solutions:

We recommended our MoCo SMS Suite Marketeer edition to be installed onto their computer in their main office. After installation, their staff will import their existing customer database in Excel file into our MoCo Address Book.

For problem 1:

moco case study retailer 1The figure above shows part of the fields inside MoCo’s Address Book. Here, every contact/customer has fields like “Membership Points”, “Referrer Mobile”, “Referrer ID”, etc which are the basic components of a membership referral system. When a new member sign up at any branches, they will fill in a membership form with their particulars, including the mobile number of the person who introduced him/her to Zen Fashion. All these forms will be consolidated and the particulars keyed into MoCo SMS Suite at the main office.

moco case study retailer 2At the configuration settings of MoCo SMS Suite, you can set the amount of membership points each member get for each of their referral. This setting only need to be set once. When a new member is keyed into MoCo SMS Suite’s Address Book, the system will automatically increment the membership points of the person who referred this member.

Members can always send an sms to the MoCo system to query their latest membership points. Zen Fashion will decide how much discount to be given to each customer based on their membership points.

For problem 2:

Zen Fashion uses MoCo SMS Suite to send out personalized sms regularly to their customers and members to inform them of their latest promotions.
moco case study retailer 3Sometimes, Zen Fashion has exclusive promotions to reward members that has achieved a certain level of membership points. They used the “Advanced” option on the above screen capture to retrieve members who have a certain level of membership points and send out the promotion sms to them:

moco case study retailer 4

For problem 3:

Zen Fashion is very generous in rewarding their loyal customers, especially on their birthdays. They use MoCo’s built-in search engine to retrieve customers who are having birthdays in the current month, and send out special promotions sms to them:
moco case study retailer 5

moco case study retailer 6

Their customers are very pleased with this service and their sales volume has significantly increase.

Zen Fashion also uses MoCo to automatically send out birthday greeting sms upon their members’ birthdays. These sms are personalized and helps to maintain the connections between Zen Fashion and their members.

moco case study retailer 7

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