Live SMS Voting service for NCS D&D 2015



We were honoured to be engaged by NCS to provide Live SMS Voting service for their annual D&D held at Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom.

NCS is a leading ICT and communications engineering services provider across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. It is headquartered in Singapore and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singtel Group.


At the evening time, staffs from NCS started to arrive and filled up the ballroom. The evening started with a song-and-dance performance from their senior management.

After that, dinner was served and the talent quest began. There were a total of 10 individuals / teams competing in their talent quest. After each performance, the code number of the performer was flashed on the screen to allow his/her supporter to SMS their votes in. The SMS votes comprised of 30% of the score, while the panel of judges controlled the other 70%. In order to have a fairer competition, duplicated votes will be filtered out by our system automatically, which means that even if an audience voted 10 times for a participant, it will only be counted as 1 vote.




The talent quest is very interesting and showcased the diversified talents of ncs’s staffs. There were songs, indian dance, hip hop and band performances. There was even a pole-dancing performance from one of the ncs staff which was, in my opinion, close to professional level.




It was a lovely evening of fun and we hoped the staffs at ncs enjoyed the night as we certainly enjoyed ourselves. We are now aware that ncs really Got Talent! And we looked forward to more collaborations with them.

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