Live SMS Voting at B-Dazzled – Singapore Show Choir Festival 2013

We are engaged by Singapore Show Choir Academy and Geylang Serai Community Club to provide Live SMS Voting services for their B-Dazzled – Singapore Show Choir Festival 2013 event held at University Cultural Centre on 18th August 2013.


There are a total of eight teams participating in the competition. After setting up the system at the backstage, our support staff took the opportunity to walk around and watched the teams practising…..



The competition started at around 3.40pm and ended at around 5.20pm. The participants were lively and enthusiastic, and all of them put on excellent performances. Most of them were very young, around secondary school levels. The Live SMS Voting started right after the last team ended their performance and cut-off at around 6.10pm. The slide was displayed to inform the audience about the format and mobile number to send their sms votes to. The audience were very enthusiastic in the SMS voting to support their favourtie team, as we received a total of more than 800 SMSes (including duplicated votes) in less than an hour time.

As instructed by the organizers, our system automatically filtered out the duplicated SMS votes and tabulated the results in real-time.


The result of the SMS voting contributes to 5% of the total score, while the other 95% were determined by the professional judges. The Live SMS voting definitely enhanced the involvement and experiences of the audience, and we were sure more events in the future will be utilizing Live SMS voting.

We would like to thank the organizers for engaging us in such a wonderful event, and all the participants for putting up such marvellous performances! Congratulation to all the winners and hope everyone had a wonderful experience!

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