Live SMS Polling service for Courts (SG)

Last week, we supported Courts (SG) in a Live SMS Polling activity during their Annual Staff Conference 2013. It was held at the Auditorium at the Star Vista.


The staff conference began at 7.30am and lasted till around 10am. It was a lively session with a humorous host, entertaining videos, informative presentations, and of course with plenty of quiz and prizes.



The CEO of Courts SG is a very friendly guy who loves innovations and staff engagements. Thus, they also decided to have a live SMS Polling session during the 3-hour event:

live sms voting result1

The staffs were being asked to vote for their preferred options via SMS, and the results were projected onto the screen instantaneously, as shown on the above screen capture (the question/options part is obmitted here).

Overall, it was a successful event and we looked forward to providing IT/SMS solution support to Courts SG in the future!

For more information on our Live SMS voting / polling service, please visit our company website.