Live SMS Voting at SUTD

Two days ago, we had a LIVE SMS Voting session at Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD). SUTD is a very new and dynamic university in Singapore. They are conducting a LIVE SMS voting among their Design class students to vote for the best project.

SUTD Live SMS Voting 1

SUTD Live SMS Voting 2

Eligible voters (the students of the subject) are supposed to send in SMS in the format “SUTD<space><project1><space><project2><space><project3>”, whereby <projectX> is the project number of those projects that you want to vote for. So in this case, each voters can vote for a maximum of three projects. Each voter can send in any number of sms, but only the latest sms for each mobile number is taken into account.

SUTD Live SMS Voting 3

The sms voting result was displayed during the session on a projector screen so that the students and guests could see the “race” happening in real-time. The students were very enthusiastic and the live sms voting certainly added an extra dose of excitement to the competition. The seven project groups shortlisted for the competition gave their demo and presentations, and our support staff was quite impressed by the liveliness, creativity and enthusiasm displayed by these young students.

We were secretly rooting for the “angry bird” project group: they were devising a way of calculating the projectile of the angry bird to guarantee a hit on the green pigs. Unfortunately, we are vendor not students so we did not have the privilege to vote. We heard later that the angry bird group got the bronze prize, so congratulation to them.

The event was a great success and we wished that the students of SUTD would continue to live their dreams and have a bright future!

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