Case Study: Using MoCo SMS Suite in F&B

We will illustrate how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in various sectors by using different real-life case studies. In this article, we will show you how MoCo SMS Suite can help in Food & Beverages (F&B) industry. The F&B company name in this article is not the actual name.


East Coast Restaurant Group is a company with a group of seafood restaurants around the island. They were using traditional mediums like newspaper and TV advertisements for their marketing purposes.
The traditional marketing medium had served them well but the cost of advertising on such medium was high. The management was thinking of using direct marketing to complement their existing marketing strategy. The direct marketing medium should be effective and relatively cheap.

Our Solutions:

We recommended MoCo SMS Suite Marketeer edition to the management of East Coast Restaurant Group. SMS marketing is an effective way of direct marketing as almost everyone has a mobile phone. The cost of sending SMS is also considerably cheaper than the existing traditional marketing medium they were using.

Apart from using MoCo to send marketing sms to their existing customers, we also suggested ways of expanding their customer base via a combination of new and traditional marketing mediums.

Their management put up an advertisement on the newspaper, advertising their new set dinners for festive seasons. On the ads, they also asked the readers to sms to their MoCo system to redeem an eVoucher.

The management created an eVoucher in their MoCo system:

moco case study for restaurant1

Inside the Auto Response System of MoCo SMS Suite, they created a new rule:

moco case study for restaurant2

The above rule instructed the MoCo SMS Suite to activate the following two actions when an incoming sms starting with the word “Voucher” is received:

1. Register the sender of sms into Address Book
2. Send an eVoucher sms back to the sender, if the sender fullfils the eVoucher conditions

In the newspaper ads, they asked the readers to send an sms in the following format:

Voucher<comma><Name><comma><NRIC><comma><Date of Birth>
Eg. Voucher,David Tan,S8012345A,12/12/1980

The response was good and the restaurant group’s customer database had expanded. This shows that SMS marketing can be used concurrently with traditional marketing mediums to achieve greater success. The customer database is an invaluable asset to the company and MoCo SMS Suite proved to be an excellent tool in managing this asset.