Case Study: Using MoCo SMS Suite in Tertiary Institution

We will illustrate how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in various sectors by using different real-life case studies. In this article, we will show you how MoCo SMS Suite can help in tertiary institution operations. The school name in this article is not the actual name of the school.


Pioneer Instituition is a famous instituition in Singapore. Their lecturers are dedicated and wished to enhance the communication with their students. The lecturers noticed that the students are very “addicted” to sms-ing and wished to have a system such that the students can sms their questions to the lecturers and the lecturers are able to reply via sms as well.

However, there are some considerations for such a communication platform to exist. Although undoubtedly such a system would enhance the interaction between the lecturers and the students, some lecturers are not comfortable to release their own private mobile number to the students. Moreover, most of the older lecturers are not very proficient in typing out sms on their handphone, and would prefer a system that is similar to email.

Our Solutions:

We deployed our MoCo SMS Suite Enterprise Edition onto the computers of Pioneer Instituition. We installed MoCo Server software onto the omputer of the Course Manager, and then installed MoCo Agent software onto the computers of the individual lecturers.

The MoCo Server software is packaged with one usb gsm modem, which is also attached to the usb port of the Course Manager’s computer. All lecturers will be using the MoCo Agent software installed on their own PCs to read incoming sms and send out replies.

Now, the students are notified that they can sms their questions to the lecturers over this number “9XXX XXXX”. Each lecturer is given a codename based on their initials. For example, lecturer Mr Eric Chan will be using the initial “EC”.

So if any student has any question to ask Mr Eric Chan, he/she can send an sms such as this : “EC Dear sir can you explain to me why the answer to tutorial question 4 is not 25?” to the number publicised. The sms will be received by the MoCo Server software on the Course Manager’s PC, and then routed to the lecturer Mr Eric Chan’s computer. Mr

Eric Chan can then reply the sms using the MoCo Agent software on his PC.

The lecturers feedback that the system is very useful as it provides an additional channel of communication between the lecturers and students without compromising the privacy of the lecturers.