Case Study: Using MoCo SMS Suite in School

We will illustrate how MoCo SMS Suite can be deployed in various sectors by using different real-life case studies. In this article, we will show you how MoCo SMS Suite can help in school operations. The school name in this article is not the actual name of the school.


Brightstar Primary School is a government school located in the western side of Singapore. Every morning, there will be a number of parents calling in to inform the school that their children is on medical leaves. As all the teachers need to prepare for lessons and morning assembly during that short period of time, it is always a bit chaotic if they still have to handle these incoming phone calls.

As such, the teachers at Brightstar Primary School suggest to have a system which can receive incoming sms and consolidate them into a file on their network. Preferably, the system can also perform an auto-reply to the parents to acknowledge the receival of their medical leave notice.

In addition, the school would also like to have a system in place so that they can send sms to the parents in case of emergency events.

Our Solutions:

We installed our MoCo SMS Suite into one of the PC that connect to their intranet. We created a rule inside the Auto Response System of MoCo:

moco case study for school 1

As shown above, the rule states that any incoming SMS that begins with the word “MC” will activate two actions:

1. An auto reply sms will be sent to the sender: “Thank you for informing us that your child is on medical leave. Wish your child have a good rest and recover well. – Brightstar Primary School.”

2. The incoming sms will be logged down into a file inside the folder “C:\MoCo Stuffs\MoCo Reports\Student MC”. All SMSes that are received within the same day will be consolidated into a single file.

Thus, the system is now able to solve the teachers’ problem and makes their MC handling much more efficient.

Other than that, MoCo SMS Suite can also be used to send sms to parents to inform them of any events. The teacher also set up another rule in the Auto Response System to consolidate any incoming SMS that begins with the word “Query”. Whenever the parents have anything they need to enquire about, they can send an sms and these sms will be logged down by the system and the teachers / admin staffs would respond to them everyday.

The teachers feedback that our system help them save a lot of time and make the MC handling much easier to track.