Case Study: Integrating MoCo SMS Suite with backend oracle database

We were once engaged by a Telecom company to implement their backend system and interface with their database. The telecom company is selling calling cards and they are looking to implement a system such that their customers can sms certain commands to perform operations such as Registration, Topup value, initiate callback, etc.

In order to perform all those operations, we need to access and update their oracle database upon receival of the sms commands. But the problem is, the oracle database is located at the data centre and the signal there isn’t good enough for receiving sms.

Thus, we implement a Client-Server solution, by deploying our MoCo Server software at their office in town. The MoCo Server will take care of all the sending/receiving of sms using a pool of gsm modems. We run our MoCo Agent software on the server located at the data centre. The MoCo Server and Agent software will communicate with each other via TCP/IP over VPN. And customized our MoCo Agent software to access their oracle database upon receiving sms from the MoCo Server, and then send back the result to MoCo Server and the MoCo Server will in turn reply sms back to the customer.

We deployed the system around two years ago and it is still running perfectly 24-hours.