Ways to gain more backlinks for your webpage

Apart from having good content and keyword-optimized for your website, another important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase the pagerank of your webpages. Pagerank is a number that google computes for every webpages it indexed, and it is used to determine your ranking in google among other factors. The pagerank of a webpage is determined by the number of hyperlinks that link to your webpage, the quality of these hyperlinks (meaning the pagerank of those webpages that link to you) and the relevance of those links.

Thus, we shall discuss here how to gain more backlinks:

• Submission to web directories
You can submit your websites to web directories such as Yahoo! and Open directory (www.dmoz.org). You can also submit to some niche directories of your field.

• Article submission
There are many article directories around the internet. You can write articles and include a link to your webpage, and submit the article to these article directories.

• Forum signatures
Some forums allow users to include links in their signatures. Participate in these forums and share information with the community is a good way of directing traffic to your website. Not to mention the forum signatures help to increase your pagerank too.

• Press Release
There are many free press release sites where you can submit press release and gain backlinks.

• Link Exchange with relevant sites
This is a very common practice in SEO. Webmasters exchange links with each other to help increase each other’s pagerank.

• Blog comments
Read more blogs and leave comments. Remember to put links to your website. But the most important thing is, DO NOT SPAM other people’s blog. Contribute your ideas, knowledge and information, and blog owners will be happy to see your comments.

• Submit to social media sites
Submit your website to social media sites will attract more traffic and helps to increase your pagerank too.

One important thing to note is that, DO NOT join link farm, especially paid ones. Google doesn’t like these fake links and you will be penalized if you are found out that you join these link farms. And once again, do not spam links on other people’s blogs or websites. Spend more of your time to develop good content.