Introduction to SMS Marketing

What is SMS ?
SMS stands for “Short Message Service”. It is the technology that enables users to send and receive text messages via mobile phones.

How can SMS help your business ?
• Advertising of products and services
• Marketing Promotions
• Information dissemination and Query
• Birthday or Festive Seasons greetings
• Appointment Reminder and Confirmation
• Voting System
• Collection of Survey and Feedback
• Conducting of Quiz / Contest

Why use SMS ?
SMS is an extremely efficient, cost-effective and high-response-rate medium. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone and therefore SMS is very effective in getting the message across to your target audience. The cost of SMS is also much cheaper compared to traditional marketing medium (TV, newspaper, magazine, etc).

Some of you might ask, why not email marketing? Afterall, email marketing is totally free. Well, there are several disadvantages of using email marketing. Firstly, not everyone check their emails regularly. Some people have a few emails and some of those email accounts were never even checked. Secondly, most mail servers are equipped with spam filters so your marketing emails has a high possibility of not being read by your target audience.

So SMS is fast becoming a powerful medium for connecting with your clients. With the correct tool, you can effectively and systematically perform your SMS marketing to help your business grow.